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    tl;dr: Almost nothing can bring AMC back, try focusing on other things than reviving the server. Take other's criticism into consideration.

    I'm not going to take sides, you go ahead and try to get in contact with Nika, it's up to him to allow you to do something with the server, but it is best for you to focus on other things. Even if you are an incredible owner/developer, Arcadian is so low that it most likely can't be brought back up. I understand some of the people replying to you may come off as "rude" or "mean", but take their words into at least slight consideration. Even if Junnk, Loki, Krish, Showbiz, etc. come back, it's probably not going to get over 100 players again. I know, it sucks AMC is dead, but good things don't last forever. If it's Skyblock that you're most interested in, or if it's the community, Hypixel Skyblock seems to be fairly popular at the moment with over 1/3 of the entire playerbase of Hypixel being purely Skyblock players.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.