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Waddup Arcadians,

We're back with another content update! Today's content update is one revolving around Crystal Wars. This content update announcement will contain:
  • New Crystal Wars team upgrade
  • New Crystal Wars kit (Thrower)
  • Giveaway Information :eek:


Introducing a new team upgrade for Crystal Wars, Crystal Strengthener. This team upgrade is a bit different than the others, there's no limit on the amount of times you can purchase it. By default, your crystal will now start with three "hearts". By purchasing this new upgrade, which costs one diamond, it will give your crystal 3 more "hearts" (for every purchase). Various different tools will deal a different...
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Hey Arcadians!

December is well on it's way, and in no time it'll be Christmas! We've got a couple of cool updates for you to enjoy to start off this festive month, including a huge update to Crystal Wars ranks which is redesigned as global ranks, as well as some anti-cheat improvements to filter out those pesky hackers!​
Global Ranks

As you're aware, we currently have monthly ranks on our brand new server, Crystal Wars. We've decided that these ranks, Pro, Master and Champion should give you a lot more perks when you purchase them, as they are a rank that you have access to for just a month at a time.​

I'm sure you're wondering; what do you mean by global ranks? Well, when you purchase one of the Crystal Wars ranks, you'll have access to kits and perks on KitPvP, SkyblockOG & X, Factions and Prison! So if...​
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Hey Arcadians!

Today we aren't just announcing the winner for the starter island build competition, we're hosting a brand new Christmas themed build competition as well! During this festive month, we're giving you a chance to win some absolutely amazing prizes so be sure to make use of the holidays so you can build your Christmassy build, I'm sure there's going to be a lot of competition!
[​IMG]What is a Build Competition?

A build competition means you have to build something on your island or plot that relates to the theme. This month's theme is Christmas! You can already go to various different spawns on the server and see that they have had a fancy Christmas makeover - perhaps you can take some inspiration from that!


What are the...