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Hey Arcadians!

We created our OP Factions server after you guys requested it for a long time, used your suggestions and ideas to try and carve it into something beautiful and fun for you all to play. It didn't turn out how you wanted it, so we've gone back and added some changes that you might like and restarting it so you all get a chance at a new start. Let's hop right in!​

This update brings a purpose to grinding! You can grind your mob spawners for XP, then trade your XP for Runes!​

If you get a certain amount of runes, you can buy items at the Rune Shop. These items vary from crate keys, to TNT, to Spawners!​

Simply access the Runes gui by doing /runes!

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Hey Arcadians!

Another month, another relic! September is here and I'm sure most of you are back to school already. Of course, with all new school years comes new sports teams! To mark the beginning of the new school year, we'll be releasing a Sports themed Relic for September! This September Relic will contain limited edition items that you cannot get anywhere else, and it’s only available throughout the month of September. Without any further ado, let's hop right into the content of this month's relic!​


September Relic - Sports!

The new relic will be available to purchase on SkyblockOG, SkyblockX and Prison from September 1st all the way until September 30th, so get it while it's hot!

Each relic is...​
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Hey Arcadians!

The Prison server hasn't been getting much love lately, and we're going to change that today! We've come up with a bunch of neat updates to improve gameplay & give you more to do on the Prison server!
Prestige Mines

We've noticed that players aren't really motivated to get to P5, maybe that'll change with Prestige MInes!

Prestige Mines are mines that you can unlock when you meet the requirements to buy one. Which the requirements are:
1. You must be the same Prestige as the mine you'd like to buy.
2. You must have enough money to buy the mine.

To purchase one of the prestige mines, do /pmines. Once you do that command, this GUI will appear:


Once you're able to buy the Prestige Mine, right click it and it'll be purchased!

In order to access the mines, do /warp...