by Niknea at 3:44 AM
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I think it's been long overdue for me to make this post. We've been using a terrible setup of Enjin for the past few months and it wasn't acceptable. So, part of this MASSIVE update coming this Sunday is this new website! I'll be adding more stuff, along with a application and ban appeal template and more in the near future. Hope you guys (and girls) like the new forums, and tell me what you think about it!

Oh, and yes, if your staff application didn't get reviewed on the old forums repost it on these forums WHEN A NEW TEMPLATE IS RELEASED (I'll post another thread on the home page when this is completed)! Expect staff applications to be reviewed more frequently now, along with bug reports, suggestions, ban appeals, etc.

Hope you guys like it, and cant wait for your reactions for the update on Sunday!

- Niknea