by Niknea at 2:53 PM
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As some of you may have noticed a few things occurred yesterday causing some downtime. Luckily, nothing major occurred and everything was fixed pretty quickly. What happened was a user was able to login to my account and OP himself. This was completely my fault as I didn't protect my accounts good enough (adding two-step authentication, etc.). Since then I've added an authentication feature for staff members, protected all my accounts, and encouraged my staff to do the same. It was for the better, as everything on Arcadian is a lot more secure. Hopefully this wont be happening again, and thank you all for understanding!

PRO TIP: Protect your accounts! Setup two-step authentication, it takes literally takes 30 seconds and prevents your accounts from getting hacked!

Thanks again for understanding,
- Niknea.
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Hey Arcadians!

I'm going to keep this short and simple because I honestly need some sleep after updating the server. This update was HUGE with a ton of new features for KitPvP. Here's a few of them:

  • New KitPvP map
  • Cosmetics
  • /nick
  • More donator features
  • A New AntiCheat (yay)
  • Various bug fixes
  • And more!

On top of that you can use coupon code "NEWMAP" on either KitPvP or Prison to receive 35% off when donating at!

Hope you enjoy this new update!
- Niknea.
by Niknea at 1:09 AM
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Hey mates,

Since Arcadian has come out with a Prison Server we have had a few updates, mainly being updates to fix bugs, and now we would like to explain them to you.

Firstly, we have implemented "Shift to Teleport to Sell". This meaning, we have added a new feature in which you can crouch once your inventory is full from items at your mine and it would teleport you to whatever Rank-Level you are. This will teleport you to the sell sign which would make it easier to sell! With this, we also added a feature where when your inventory is full, you are notified. This makes it easier than ever to make money on prison!

Secondly, the custom enchantment "AutoSell" is now working! This enchantment allows people with this enchantment on their pickaxe to automatically sell whatever they mined in the mine they are currently in! Currently this Enchantment is only buyable by MINER+ Rank Donors with 18 Enchantment Tokens.

Lastly, we have once again added voting! /vote will once again...