by Niknea at 6:05 AM
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Oh wow, it's been a while since I made one of these...

After countless days of work the ArcadianMC staff team is happy to release the awesome update known as Hub/Lobby 2.0!

The new lobby now has the following features:

• A NEW lobby spawn!
• An AWESOME new server icon!
A nicer version of the /server command!
• Parkour with times
• 5 servers, lobby balancing (so servers wont be packed as much)!
/glist OR /staff now tell you how many players are on each server, including staff!



NOTE: We will constantly be making changes to the lobbies throughout the week in order to improve your experience on them!

I hope you all enjoy this weeks update and make sure to stay tuned for next weeks fight-worthy...
by xSwanky at 11:41 PM
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Tonight there has been an update for Kitpvp with our brand new coin boosters!

How to Activate a Booster: Once bought, it will automatically start. If there's a coin booster already active, then the booster will go in a queue and will activate when the booster(s) in front of it is done!

How do you Obtain a Booster? These coin boosters can be purchased on our webstore


20 mins x2 - $8.99
45 mins x2 - $16.99
60 mins x2 - $28.99

20 mins x3 - $11.99
45 mins x3 - $22.99
60 mins x3 - $39.99

Note: Pricing may change.

There has also been a slight update on kill and death messages for KitPvP. Here is the message you see when you kill a player:


We hope you enjoy the update!
-ArcadianMC Staff Team
by xSwanky at 11:49 PM
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Hey guys!
Tonight we released a cool update for kitpvp with pretty interesting features worth checking out for yourself.

What's new?
Custom titles are now purchasable through our webstore for $7.49.

How do you equip them?
Type /custom in game once you bought your title. you will be able to make up what you want your title to be, for example:

There will be 3 winners, Each will receive a custom title.​

The winners have already been picked. Congratulations to: @Habboplayerr @Cajee & @PumpkinPoacher12

Here's how to enter:
1. Comment your IGN in this thread
2. Tell us what is one thing that should be added to arcadian for future updates.

Here's a format that you can follow (Example):

IGN: xSwanky
Things you would like to be...