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Hey Arcadians!

Can you all believe that it's October already! Spooky season is upon us and we've got a whole bunch of treats up our sleeves just in time for the holiday! You'll notice some spooky changes across all the servers as we put up the decorations to embrace the spookiness as well as adding the Fall / Autumn themed October Relic and introducing the much loved Halloween Build Competition as well as having a Skin Competition!​
October Relic

The nights become longer, darker, colder... the bats are flying through the skies, the leaves are turning beautiful shades of red, orange, yellow and are falling gracefully to the ground... the chill of the wind makes you want to wrap up warm and drink hot coco... this must mean it's October! To celebrate the 3rd season of the year, we're releasing the October relic with lots of Fall / Autumn themed items that you can get your...​
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Hey Arcadians!

August is almost over and summer draws to an end, it has been a busy month for sure! We've had weekly updates for the Skyblock server for 8 consecutive weeks, and each week has had something awesome. This week is no different, introducing a brand new crate and some useful changes!
Brand New Crate

You may have noticed construction work happening all over spawn during the last week. Skyblock's workers have been working hard to rebuild the area after Nuclear Waste has spread everywhere like a contagious disease...

The workers worked day and night to prevent it from spreading, but alas couldn't contain it's growth as it devoured all in it's path.
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Hey Arcadians!

We're 3 weeks into Prison 4.0 and players are grinding out the Prison server whilst their summers draw to an end or they've just begun school. Many Prisoners are working hard towards Prestige X Dragon and are almost there with the goal just in their grasps. Meanwhile we've gone through community and staff ideas and suggestions and have created this week's update for you!
New Enchants

Introducing 3 new enchants that can help you grind your way to the top; 2 pickaxe enchantments and 1 fishing rod enchantment!


Harness the raw power of lightning to mine for you! This new Legendary enchantment can be bought with E-Tokens at the Smugglar at spawn. When the enchantment is activated,...