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Hey Arcadians!

We're 3 weeks into Prison 4.0 and players are grinding out the Prison server whilst their summers draw to an end or they've just begun school. Many Prisoners are working hard towards Prestige X Dragon and are almost there with the goal just in their grasps. Meanwhile we've gone through community and staff ideas and suggestions and have created this week's update for you!
New Enchants

Introducing 3 new enchants that can help you grind your way to the top; 2 pickaxe enchantments and 1 fishing rod enchantment!


Harness the raw power of lightning to mine for you! This new Legendary enchantment can be bought with E-Tokens at the Smugglar at spawn. When the enchantment is activated,...
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Hey Arcadians!

We're into week 7 of Skyblock, meaning this is the 7th weekly update for the Skyblock server this summer! Time really does fly when you're having fun! This week we're fishing out a whole bunch of smaller updates for you to enjoy as the summer draws to an end, let us know what you think!
Fishing Areas

New fishing areas have popped up all over the warzones, allowing players to fishing for some awesome rewards! Fish in the river on Goodside or find the dark Fishing Cave on Badside, but be careful around enemies!

The Goodside River stretches right across the Goodside warzone, find yourself a nice and quiet place to fish in the lush green forest.

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Hey Arcadians!

We've just rolled into the second week of Prison 4.0 and the server is still buzzing with activity, players both old and new are enjoying what this season has to offer whilst grinding their way to Prestige! This week's update takes a look at the August Relic, some rank changes and additions, prestige kits, the highly requested /shop revamp, and more.
August Relic

It's officially August and many of you are heading back to school already. To celebrate the new Academic year, the theme for this August Relic is back to school! Get your hands on one of these school themed relics to get you in the educational mood!

Here's what opening the relic looks like:...​