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Hey Arcadians!

We're quickly speeding up to the Skyblock reset this Saturday and as promised, we've got an additional information post about Season 6; it's changes and helpful new additions! Make sure you take a seat and get a snack, because this post is a long one!
Spawn and Warzone

A beautiful and enchanted building, surrounded by vibrant flowers and trees. Your go-to NPCs are all here in one place for easy access, as well as an enchanting area and a drop down into the warzone.

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Hey Arcadians!

That's right, you're in for a treat as your favorite Skyblock server is getting a reset very soon! Bring on the brand new season, Season 6, which will be full of awesome new features, plenty of bug fixes and quite a bit of balancing! Take a look at the cool reset trailer made by SeanDaSheep:​

Mark your calendars as Saturday, June 16th is the Skyblock reset! Full details and the time will be released on Thursday, June 14th, so stay tuned.​

- ArcadianMC Staff Team
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Hey Arcadians!

We're in the process of #MakeArcadianGreatAgain and have some cool new updates coming to the Prison server! We asked the community whether you wanted frequent smaller updates or less frequent larger updates and the overwhelming vote was for larger updates (take a look here), so we've got a whole bunch of stuff to enjoy for all the Prison players out there!
Blacksmith NPC

This brand new Blacksmith in town can personalize your tools and armor in seconds! Simply go to the NPC at spawn, right click it whilst holding your desired item to be renamed, rename it in chat, then it's ready to go! Each time...