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Hey Arcadians!

Christmas is almost upon us so I'd like to quickly say Happy Holidays from myself and the rest of the staff team here at ArcadianMC. We hope you have a wonderful day with your families and/or friends, and that you've been good this year! Without the love and support from you Arcadians this Christmas, Arcadian would be a completely different place. We hope that you keep gifting us with this continued support so we can give it back to all of you.​

Now, lets hop into announcing the winners of the Christmas Build Competition this year, that's why you're all here after all!​

Here's what the participants of this competition could win! Lots of awesome goodies to get your hands on, including some limited edition stuff! (All Skyblock winners and Creative winners that wish to have their...
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Hey Arcadians!

Christmas is almost upon us, and as a gift from the staff here at Arcadian, we're resetting Skyblock! All of you Skyblock players can enjoy a brand new start during your holidays, full of some pretty awesome updates and changes! This fifth season of Skyblock will be based around improving gameplay as opposed to many new updates. That being said, let's hop right into the details!​
What Happens During a Reset?

A server reset is when player statistics are cleared to make way for a new season, where everyone can start again and progress together. We reset servers after they've been running for 4 months or more, we do this as it gives newer players a chance to catch up with already existing players. As well as this it allows...​
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Waddup Arcadians,

We're back with another content update! Today's content update is one revolving around Crystal Wars. This content update announcement will contain:
  • New Crystal Wars team upgrade
  • New Crystal Wars kit (Thrower)
  • Giveaway Information :eek:


Introducing a new team upgrade for Crystal Wars, Crystal Strengthener. This team upgrade is a bit different than the others, there's no limit on the amount of times you can purchase it. By default, your crystal will now start with three "hearts". By purchasing this new upgrade, which costs one diamond, it will give your crystal 3 more "hearts" (for every purchase). Various different tools will deal a different...