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Hey Arcadians,

So as many of you have noticed this week has definitely not been the best Arcadian has seen. We've encountered network crashes, lag spikes, lag in general, and more. Luckily ALL of these issues of been resolved. In this forums announcement I'll be talking about these issues.

Network Crashes
The network crashes was due to some of the backend stuff not properly setup for what we were doing. This caused a network crash at the exact same time everyday for about ~5 days until the issue got resolved. You should NOT receive anymore network crashes on Arcadian for the foreseeable future.

Lag Spikes
Many people that were playing over the weekend on clans saw how many times I had to reboot the server in order to get the proper data I needed for the main cause of these spikes. After doing some research and analyzing data we managed to release a fix to...
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Hey Arcadians!
It's that time of year
; the leaves turn brown and fall to the ground, it gets darker earlier, the weather changes to become colder, and of course October 31st -Halloween!

This year we'll be hosting the Ultimate Halloween Building Contest for all you creative minds out there! If you're a player from Prison, Sky Clans and Sky Block then you're in for a chance to win some pretty epic stuff!

What do you have to do?
All you need to do is make a spooky, Halloween themed build on your island or plots! It can be anything as long as it's Halloween themed! You'll then need to showcase your build via creating a video with the title:

ArcadianMC Halloween Competition! (and your...
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Hey Arcadians!
Today's update is for Sky Clans! This brand new update will give Clan Points some worth, as you can now buy cool upgrades- decoration heads and banners as well as new titles! In this new update you can even change the look of your Clan Keeper! As well as this we are bringing you a cool new money game - Double!

/clan shop
If you're the Clan Owner this command will bring up a GUI of what things you can buy with Clan Points. You can win clan points from competing in Clan Clash Events and Clan Battles. You can also deposit money into your clan- 1 Clan Point being 1k.

Clan Heads and Banners
You can buy a range of decorated heads and banners from the Clan Shop. You can use these items to decorate your island or show off your clan! These heads and banners range from food...