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Hey Arcadians!

The sun is shining, most of you are on your summer holidays and are enjoying the time of relaxation by playing Arcadian! It's the weekend again so we've got plenty of new updates in store for you Skyblock players as well as a brand new lobby to keep things fresh! Make yourselves a nice cold glass of lemonade and enjoy the post!
Limited Summer Items

American Kit

The 4th of July has just passed and what better way to show off that you're a proud American than wearing the brand new American kit! Walk around the server with the bold red, white and blue color changing armor with your heads held high! It's only available during July, so get it before it's gone. USA! USA! USA!
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Hey Arcadians!

Before we start, we've got a massive 50% SALE from right now, all the way up until the 4th of July! Grab your favorite items from the store or even a new rank for half the price!

Summer is finally here and we're all enjoying the great weather and good vibes! To help you cope with the heat, we've got some cool Skyblock updates as well as a refreshing summer themed July Relic! Get yourself an ice-pop, sit down and read what we've got in store.
Draconic Crate Key

This dangerously powerful crate is guarded by a dark and mysterious demon. Only the bravest player may get their hands on it's draconic items!

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Hey Arcadians!

Season 6 has been rolling for over a week now and there has been so much positive feedback from the reset! There are so many players enjoying the server; it's great to see you all online and grinding! As promised, we've got some cool updates and additions for you all, as well as bug fixes following this week's activity. Find out what we've got in this week's 6.1 update!

Let us all rejoice in the return of the Goodside and Badside warzones! That's right, we've got 2 new separate warzones for you to enjoy, each with their own additions and perks!

Goodside Warzone

Goodside is a lush grassy green area, with trees...