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Hey Arcadians!

After a successful launch of SkyBlockX on Monday, we've had a chat with players to see what changes they think should be implemented as well as looking in depth for bugs that need fixing. Here's a small update on some SkyBlockX changes!

SkyblockX Crates


Introducing, Crates! Like on all of our servers, you can buy crates on our server store or win a key in game, SkyBlockX is no different! Keep an eye out in game for giveaways and KeyAlls, or purchase your very own crate on our server store! store.arcadianmc.com

~ Simple (Vote) ~

~ Unusual ~

~ Elite ~

~ Mystical ~
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Hey everyone,

So as you may have already realized Skyclans is, slowly, but surely, going downhill and I'd at least like to make an attempt of reviving it. Some of you may have known something would be happening to Skyclans because of the tweet I recently tweeted out. So let's get into the options for Skyclans. You may vote on which option you'd prefer in the poll above. The voting will be tallied up on Friday 13th, 2017, and a final decision will be made then.

Option #1) Keep it as it is -- Keep Skyclans how it is, no reset, and just have a decently sized update.

Option #2) Reset AND MERGE both Skyclans servers BUT don't add anything new -- Yes, you read that correctly, merge both Skyclans servers and do a reset. I understand some of you may have some questions about a merge so I have provided a FAQ section down below that will hopefully answer your questions.

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Hey Arcadians!

Welcome to SkyBlockX! This brand new SkyBlock server will bring out the best of the best, only those who work hard will reach the top!

This is LandonMC's brand new server, so be sure to watch and join in with his series on there!

SkyBlockX will evolve around PvP and grinding, so if you're a fan of this hardcore lifestyle, then this is the server for you! I'm super excited to get started so lets hop straight in!

- Custom Enchantments
- Crates
- Wilderness Ores
- The Gypsy
- Immunity Timer
- Emblems

Custom Enchantments

SkyBlockX will focus a lot more on PvP, so God Set building and lots of grinding. To make your PvP experience more exciting,...