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Hey Arcadians!

SkyblockX reset today, hype! This post is to showcase the last couple of updates that we haven't mentioned yet and to clarify what will happen as a result of the SkyBlockX server resetting!​
What Will I Lose?

- You will lose all in game items in your PVs, inventories and enderchests
- Your islands will be reset
- Your money, mcmmo, XP will be reset​

A reset means players are wiped, so they can start a new!​

What Will I Keep?

- Ranks - This includes ranks purchased from the store using both money and ArcCash
- Emblems​

You bought these perks and they are permanent!​
More Updates!
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Hey Arcadians!

Another month, another Relic! Goodness, we're almost half way through the year already, how time flies! This June Relic will contain limited edition items that you cannot get anywhere else, and it's only available throughout the month of June! This month's relic will be Father's Day themed!​
Here's what SkyBlock and SkyBlockX players can look forward to!​


For SkyBlock players you can look forward to Cloudy Crate Keys and Masks instead of Forbidden Crates and Enchants.

Here's what Prison players can look forward to in their first ever Relic!​
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Hey Arcadians!

As you may know, SkyblockX is resetting this Friday! If you haven't read the previous thread with other post-reset updates due to come, read all about it here. Keep on reading if you wish to see information about another super cool update; Wilderness Bosses as well as more sneak peaks at the new Spawn!​
Wilderness Bosses

There are three dark and mysterious bosses rampaging through the SkyblockX warzone, creating havoc and destruction! Your job is to take them down before it's too late!​

The Wilderness Bosses randomly appear in the warzone throughout the day. When one spawns, you'll see a message in chat telling you which boss it is, and that you can get OP loot from killing it. The message looks...​