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Hey Arcadians!

Today you Skyblock players will be getting a new little update that you'll definitely be excited for! To start off the year, we'll be showcasing our brand new Antimatter crate filled to the brim with super awesome items, as well as custom weapons & armor! Let's hop right into all the details!
Antimatter Crate

This brand new crate is the fabulous new addition to Skyblock's crates and sits above every other crate! In this crate you can win some amazing blackmarket items, brand new custom items, level 10 Reincarnation armor, Admin heads, as well as the brand new addition of the Antimatter weapons!

Here's what you can win from the Antimatter Crate!
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What's Poppin' Arcadians!

That intro was requested by @JoshTehYoda as he's hyped to be showing you all KitPvP 5.0! That's right, KitPvP will be resetting today and we've got some brand new features and updates to be showing you all! Let's get right into it.​
New PvP Map

The most important part of the post, right! @JoshTehYoda our KitPvP manager has been hard at work creating this awesome new map for you all to enjoy, carefully taking into consideration feedback from the community!

Here are the changes that have been made:

Smaller Stomper paradise - be careful when traversing around these areas!
Bigger Spawn - For you all to explore when you're not PvPing!
Parkour with a coin reward (1 week cool down) - Show off your parkour skills and get rewards!

Take a look!...​
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Hey Arcadians!

The New Year is almost here and Arcadian is getting ready for a fresh new year filled with updates and surprises for all of you! To help bring you into the New Year spirit, we will be bringing you another special relic that is sure to make you grind for that ArcCash! The January Relic will contain limited edition items that you cannot get anywhere else, and it’s only available throughout the month of January. Without any further ado, let's hop right in!​


January Relic - New Year!

The new relic will be available to purchase on SkyblockOG, SkyblockX and Prison from January 1st all the way until January 30th, so get it while you can!

Each relic is...​