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Hey Arcadians,

Very soon, you'll see the end of SkyblockX Season 3 and the beginning of Season 4 - this season will be full of awesome new updates, a stunning spawn and a brand new warzone along with so much more to be excited for!

There will be an official announcement releasing soon, but until then check out the trailer here:

Remember to like, comment your in-game name (on the video) and subscribe to our YouTube channel for a chance to win $10 ArcCash!!!

- ArcadianMC Staff Team
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Hey Arcadians!

Today you Prison players will be getting a new little update that you'll definitely be excited for! To start off the week, we'll be showcasing our revamped crates as well as introducing our brand new Lockdown crate, filled to the brim with super awesome items! We like to keep these crates up to date with the latest and greatest bits of items for all of you Prison players to enjoy! Keep on reading and you'll find we've removed some items and added some cool new ones! Let's hop right into the details!​
Lockdown Crate

This brand new crate is the fabulous new addition to Prison's crates and sits above every other crate, in this crate you can win some amazing Blackmarket items, tons of ArcCash, Admin heads, monthly Relics, as well as the brand new addition of the Tungsten Pickaxe!​

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Wus Poppin' Arcadians!

Today we’ve got some fabulous new updates for the KitPvP server, including BRAND NEW Kit Packs, Extra Free Kits, as well as new Donator Kits with amazing custom abilities. We'll be adding over 30 new Kits for all of you to enjoy, let us know which one is your favourite in the comments! In mark of a month since reset, we'll also be giving away prizes to players that have grinded all the way to /top.​
Kit Packs

That's right, we're adding over 6 new Kit Packs! You will be able to purchase some from our store, and some in-game with coins, keep reading for more information on some of the kits and their fabulous new abilities! In order to fit Kit Packs into the Kits GUI, we've decided to completely redesign the look of the current GUI so that it...​