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Hey Arcadians!
Today I am bringing you a pretty cool update that we've been working on for a little while now; Clan Clashes! These Clan Events bring a whole new level to inter-clan competition, allowing you the chance to win a whole bunch of Clan Points if a member of your clan wins! There are also some updates to top tier ranks so keep on reading!

Clan Clashes
Clan Clash Events happen at random times, so keep an eye in chat to see when the next one will happen! The message will look like this:

Do /clan event to join the event lobby:


There are 3 different Clan Clash Events; Hot Potato, Last Man Standing & Fair Fight!

Hot Potato
Don't be holding the...
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Hey Arcadians!
I know that a lot of you have been screaming for some Prisons updates and we've heard you! Today I am introducing to you /Prestige and more!


When a player reaches the Dragon Rank, they have access to /Prestige.
It gives you the option to reset your progress and start from the beginning (Chick mine) and allows you to work your way up to Dragon Mine all over again! In doing so, you gain 1 Prestige. You can complete this process up to 5 times and therefore end up with 5 Prestige.

When you Prestige, a tag appears next to your rank. For example if you Prestige for the first time your rank will appear as P1-Chick. P1 = Prestige 1, Chick being the very first mine.

In game, it looks like this:
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Hey Arcadians!

I am here today to show you guys the newest update for SkyBlock and SkyClans! This is the first of a couple of updates being brought to you this weekend, so Prison players keep an eye on the forums! Buuuut anyway! Our developers have been working hard to bring you a new rank for these servers!

SkyGod/Supreme Rank
This rank will become the new highest rank, sitting above current ranks Phantom and Zeus!


With a new rank, comes new perks! You will now have access to:

/Disguise (mob name)