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Hey Arcadians!
Yes, the title says it all! The SkyClans' Crates are getting a MASSIVE revamp!! Finally, right?! This update brings you a whole bunch of new stuff that you can win from these crates as well as a completely NEW crate, so lets hop straight in!

New Names
All of these crates have been renamed, and one more crate added to the list!

-Vote Crate is now Common Crate

-Vulcan Crate is now Uncommon Crate

-Earthbound Crate is now Rare Crate

-Mythical Crate is now Legendary Crate

-And our newest addition, Draconic Crate!


You can access each crate individually at spawn! No more 100 players hunched around the same crate! You can see the showcase of items to be...
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Howdy Arcadians,

Today I would like to announce the beginning of EVENTS!

Basic Info:
~ They will take place just about every weekend.
~ Some will be hosted on weekdays.

Hosting Info:
~ Mods + Tmods will team up to host weekend events - w/ Admin supervision.

~ As of now, it seems some events will have sign-ups and others won't. It will depend on who is hosting the event and what the event is.
~ If there's an event you don't want to miss out on, be sure if sign-up (if required), and be there on time or a little before it begins.

Can't Make it?
~ If you can't make it to an event you want to participate in, don't worry! We will be hosting events very often at different times, aswell.
~ If you signed up for an event then it turns out you won't be able to participate and you're freaking out on how to withdraw from it, don't panic! Everyone signed up...
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Hey Arcadians,

So as many of you have noticed this week has definitely not been the best Arcadian has seen. We've encountered network crashes, lag spikes, lag in general, and more. Luckily ALL of these issues of been resolved. In this forums announcement I'll be talking about these issues.

Network Crashes
The network crashes was due to some of the backend stuff not properly setup for what we were doing. This caused a network crash at the exact same time everyday for about ~5 days until the issue got resolved. You should NOT receive anymore network crashes on Arcadian for the foreseeable future.

Lag Spikes
Many people that were playing over the weekend on clans saw how many times I had to reboot the server in order to get the proper data I needed for the main cause of these spikes. After doing some research and analyzing data we managed to release a fix to...