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Hey Arcadians,

This announcement is on the more serious side of things as it is informing you of what our plans for the month ahead.

First of all, I'd like to apologize for going a bit quiet in the past few months. You guys have had plenty to say about the way things are going and a few of our updates, and it might have seemed like we were tucking our heads in the sand or popping off to the pub to avoid issues at hand with the network.

In reality, we've been deep in discussion as a team, trying to figure out what is best for Arcadian. We came to the conclusion that we’ve been so focused on server resets and the determination to them all up to a set standard that we have neglected the additional issues within the network, so we've been making a big change or two for the betterment of the server and its amazing community.

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Hey Arcadians!

Another month, another relic! March is here and I'm sure most of you are keeping up to date with the current memes. Of course the memes in the relic aren't all going to be recent up-to-date memes, rather they will be memes throughout history! To mark the beginning of the month, we'll be releasing a Meme themed Relic for March! This Meme Relic will contain limited edition items that you cannot get anywhere else, and it’s only available throughout the month of March. Without any further ado, let's hop right into the content of this month's relic!
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Hey Arcadians!

The SkyblockX reset is today, so as promised we will be revealing to you all a couple more of our super cool updates that are taking effect after the reset! There has been so much positive feedback on the reset so far, what is the update you're most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments!​

Let's start of with everyone's favourite - crates! We will be introducing 2 brand new crates at the start of the season: Lightning and Fantasia, but don't worry, the Vote Crate is staying, and it's better than ever before, with buffed rewards and even a chance to win rare items such as:...