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Hey Arcadians!

Today we're introducing a few updates to Prison's Arms Dealer and some changes to the custom enchantments currently on that server, as well as now allowing chat colors to be purchased for the KitPvP server!​
Arms Dealer

You can now get a wider range of items from the Arms Dealer at the Prison PvP Mine including the addition of Very Bloody Tickets!

Very Bloody Tickets tickets work the same way as normal Bloody Tickets do except that they use Slime Blocks instead of Sponges. To get a Very Bloody Ticket, get 50 Slime Blocks and trade them with the Arms Dealer to get back a ticket, which you can spend to earn cool rewards! You can also get Slime Blocks from mining in the PVP Mine!​


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Greetings Arcadians!

As the Summer Holidays are coming up for everyone now we have decided it would be the perfect time to host a Summer Building Competition! This idea was created from a suggestion made by the user @DaSuperHotdog . So thank you to them!

This Summer Building competition will start today, 5th June, all will last all the way until the 5th of July, giving everyone a good month to work on their builds!​

The builds can be anything summer related, from building a massive beach ball to building an entire beach itself! Maybe even a sandcastle or somewhere you will be spending your summer this year. We are very excited to see what you guys submit when the time comes!

Entries can be submitted by >> clicking this fancy text...
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Hey Arcadians!

SkyblockX reset today, hype! This post is to showcase the last couple of updates that we haven't mentioned yet and to clarify what will happen as a result of the SkyBlockX server resetting!​
What Will I Lose?

- You will lose all in game items in your PVs, inventories and enderchests
- Your islands will be reset
- Your money, mcmmo, XP will be reset​

A reset means players are wiped, so they can start a new!​

What Will I Keep?

- Ranks - This includes ranks purchased from the store using both money and ArcCash
- Emblems​

You bought these perks and they are permanent!​
More Updates!