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Whaaaaaaaaat is up ArcadianMC nation! I'm your host MEMESTAR NIKNEA, lets get rooiighttt into the news!

Today we released a full-pouch update, Pouches!

What Are Pouches?
Pouches are something that are brand new to Arcadian! Players can purchase pouches on our webstore and use them ingame! Pouches are currently only available on the Clans and Skyblock server!
Currently there are only three different types of pouches.
  • Money Pouch
  • EXP Pouch
  • McMMO Pouch (/redeem to claim your levels)
Along with these different types of pouches there are three pouch tiers for each of them.
  • Small Pouch - Contains the least amount of loot but is the cheapest, perfect for...
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Due to how one of our core backend systems was previously setup and maintained, a major fault occurred rendering the server unavailable for nearly two and a half hours.
During this time, the whole of the management team was working at their most in order to get everything back to an operable state, unfortunately there wasn't anything that could have been done to speed this process up.

As we're all incredibly sorry for this inconvenience, we're now offering a 50% off flash sale that will expire on the 3rd of August to compensate for your lost time.

Again, I apologize on behalf of the team, this issue should not have happened and measures have been taken to prevent this from happening ever again. We've come out a better server in the end, I hope all of you can forgive us and continue to stick with Arcadian. All of your support is very appreciated, this is my thanks, to all of you. :)
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Hey Arcadians,

In this announcement I'd like to address a few things.

This is a question that has been stirring about the community ever since the day Clans was announced. I'm happy to say we've fixed nearly every bug (knock on wood) that was reported during the beta and are now confident to announce that the public release of Clans will be TODAY! Our initial release time is currently set to 5 PM EST however I would like to make it clear that there may be delays. During the first couple hours of the release I'd like everyone note that there WILL be lag, this is something that we can just not avoid.

That's all for this announcement, hope to see you all in-game tomorrow!

- The ArcadianMC Staff Team