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Hey Arcadians!

The Prison server hasn't been getting much love lately, and we're going to change that today! We've come up with a bunch of neat updates to improve gameplay & give you more to do on the Prison server!
Prestige Mines

We've noticed that players aren't really motivated to get to P5, maybe that'll change with Prestige MInes!

Prestige Mines are mines that you can unlock when you meet the requirements to buy one. Which the requirements are:
1. You must be the same Prestige as the mine you'd like to buy.
2. You must have enough money to buy the mine.

To purchase one of the prestige mines, do /pmines. Once you do that command, this GUI will appear:


Once you're able to buy the Prestige Mine, right click it and it'll be purchased!

In order to access the mines, do /warp...
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Hey Arcadians!

Today's update will be for our recently reset SkyBlock server! Only the toughest of warriors will be able to defeat these powerful beasts, are you one of those warriors? Introducing Maze Bosses, you'll see them terrorizing the warzone soon... let's hop right in!​
Where Are They?

These evil creatures will be found in the Bad Side warzone maze. When you enter the Bad Side, the maze is located somewhere along the far wall, locate the nether fortress gate and that's where your beasts are! Be careful though, if you're in the Bad Side warzone, you lose your armor when you die!

When Do They Appear?

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Hey Arcadians!

This thread will be a little sad for those of you who've been around for a while but don't worry, you'll benefit from it in the end. Let's get straight to it!​
The Future of Clans

As many of you may have seen, the Clans server on Arcadian has not really lived up to the expectations of both the staff and development team as well as the players. It was put aside for a little while, while we developed and improved our more popular gamemodes and plotted what to do with it. We've tried our best and allowed a lot of time and thought to go into updates and improvements with player input and ideas but unfortunately it just didn't work.​

As a result of this, we'll be closing down the Clans server. We've had a lot of wonderful memories on clans in it's uptime of over a year (July 14th 2016) and...​