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Hey Arcadians,

Today I'm here presenting an amazing update that I feel that you will all enjoy! We have added 2 brand new things to Skyclans, clan island upgrades and clan daily rewards!

Clan Island Upgrades
Players can now purchase island upgrades on the webstore in order to enhance your efficiency on your clan island!

NOTE: These Clan Island upgrades ONLY work on your Clan Island!

1. Fly - Allow anyone on your clan island to fly!
2. Luck - Increased chance of getting valuable ores from your cobblestone generators!
3. Wisdom - Increased EXP gained from mobs!
4. Farmer - Accelerated island farm growth!
5. Monster Hunter - Increased chance to kill double the mobs!
6. Slayer - Increased chance to kill...
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Hiya Arcadians,

It's that time, the reset of Clans is finally here! As many of you know I like the keep my forum announcements short and sweet, so let's just hop into what's new!

Custom Enchantments
Clans Final Release comes with 8 brand new custom enchantments! Here is a list of them and what they are used for!

Name: Knockout
Level Range: 1-2
Can Be Applied To: Axes/Swords
Description: Knocks back the opponent far and gives them slowness for a limited amount of time.
Rarity: Rare

Name: Reinforced
Level Range: 1-3
Can Be Applied To: All armor
Description: The more damage you do the more your gears durability rises.
Rarity: Legendary

Name: Decay
Level Range: 1-2
Can Be Applied To: Leggings
Description: A chance to give your enemy the wither effect.
Rarity: Uncommon

Name: Cleansed
Level Range: 1-3
Can Be Applied To:...
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Hey Arcadians!

This week we have some exciting news to share with you. On September 4th clans will be leaving beta and entering its final release. What does this mean for you Arcadians? With the final release of clans we will also be resetting the clans server and implementing new features for you to enjoy. With the final release of clans there will be many more aspects that will be added, but we will not be stopping there. You can expect there to be many more updates to improve and add to clans in the near future. We will release another post on Sept. 4th that will contain information on all the new features and details about the clans final release. We hope you all are excited for this huge clans update and what we have in store!

Reset Details

What WILL be kept after the reset:
  • Pets / Trails
  • Ranks
  • Titles
What WILL NOT...