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What's up Arcadians,

Welcome back to another content update, this week's update will be more of a laid back one but I promise there's some awesome ones coming up! Today we're proud to present our new lobby!

The Lobby

It's been a while since our lobbies got an update, and they're a pretty important part of our server so it's about time they get some lovin'!
When you join the lobbies, you'll be able to explore a brand new map! You'll be able to find and complete the parkour as well as use the brand new lobby gadgets! Take a look!

Our lobby is set around the theme of a small town. Make sure you look out for the giant phoenix and dragon in...
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Hey Arcadians!

Today we are releasing a bunch of exciting things such as ArcCash, which is an awesome replacement for Crystals, Mob Arena Changes, and the March Relic! Let's dig right into it!

Have you ever not had enough money but wanted a super cool black market item? Wanted to feel the ultimate swagness the Supreme rank feels? Wanted a cool chat color pattern? Well now you can... introducing ARCCASH!

ArcCash will be replacing crystals. ArcCash is virtual money that you can obtain in-game and convert it to real life money (yes you read that correctly! :p). ArcCash can be obtained from the same ways crystals could (from voting, interacting with specific NPCs, and most importantly... from your ad...
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Hey Arcadians!

We have recognized that there have been a lot of issues with Player Vaults aka PVs recently as well as some players were unhappy that they would have to go searching through all of their vaults to find one item. I know I'm not the only one who is super forgetful so I know that many of you are going to find this new update helpful!

Introducing Arcadian Vaults! This custom vaults plugin was created to make finding items in vaults so much easier, as well as allowing you to personalize and customize your vaults! No more /pv 1, /pv 2, /pv 3!


What is different about Arcadian Vaults?

You no longer have to type ./pv (number)! Simply type ./pv and it comes up with this menu:​