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Hey Arcadians!

Welcome to SkyBlockX! This brand new SkyBlock server will bring out the best of the best, only those who work hard will reach the top!

This is LandonMC's brand new server, so be sure to watch and join in with his series on there!

SkyBlockX will evolve around PvP and grinding, so if you're a fan of this hardcore lifestyle, then this is the server for you! I'm super excited to get started so lets hop straight in!

- Custom Enchantments
- Crates
- Wilderness Ores
- The Gypsy
- Immunity Timer
- Emblems

Custom Enchantments

SkyBlockX will focus a lot more on PvP, so God Set building and lots of grinding. To make your PvP experience more exciting,...
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Hey Arcadians!

After all the abandonment you poor KitPvP players have suffered, I'm here with good news. KitPvP has finally been given an update, and a new manager. Some of you will recognize my username from the early days of Arcadian, I was the original Co-Owner of this server when it first came out. Others will know me from KitPvP where I've spent my days messing around there past few weeks. Regardless though, I am the new manager of the KitPvP server on Arcadian. With this title, I hold the responsibility of providing all you lovely people with fresh new ways to play.

We've worked on this update for about 2 weeks, bringing you guys the much needed nerfs, buffs, and new abilities for old kits that you craved so badly. We've also added 3 new donor kits, and you can see a little peak at what they do down below! You can expect much more coming from KitPvP in the coming few weeks, so stick around! This is the first update of many, and the main purpose...
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Hey Arcadians!

It's finally January, which means it's time to announce the skin competition winner!

The player that wins the $15 voucher for the server store as well as having their own NPC in the Lobbies for the whole month of January is...

*drum roll*



Everyone give her some GG's! Well done Libbee! I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe New Year, I look forward to seeing more competitions to come!

- ArcadianMC Staff Team