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Hey Arcadians!

Today we are introducing two things that are a little different! The first one is to make Clans OG and Clans Blossom a little more competitive, and allows you to see who's currently dominating the server! The second one allows the Development Team to broadcast the smaller ingame and forums updates they have carried out, so they are easier for you guys to see and understand.


On Clans OG and Blossom, these Leaderboards show who is currently dominating in:

-Money Earned

-mcMMO gained

-Player Kills

-EXP Gained

-Clan Clashes Won

-Clan Points Gained

There are 3 sections -Day, Week and Month! You can view who is currently at the top for each of these...
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Hey Arcadians!

Today we're bringing you a pretty cool update; Want to get that OP Cryptic gear but don't want to have to get crate keys? Then look no further! Introducing Sky Drops!

This update will be on the following servers:

- Skyblock
- Skyclans (Original)
- Skyclans (Blossom)

What are they?

Sky Drops are chests that appear in a random place in the warzone during the Sky Drop Events. These events happen at random times throughout the day, about once every 45 minutes, like Clan Clash Events. In these chests you can get anything from mob spawners to op Cryptic gear!

There are four tiers of chests that you can find, each could include the following items:

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Please note - you cannot raid other clans instantly, there is currently a grace period to allow clans to grow their army. The grace period will end at a random time on Sunday (11/6/16).

Also - Raids DOES NOT allow other clans to loot your island, they can just take a portion of your clan points by defeating you!

Hey Arcadians!

Before we start, be sure to check out this epic trailer! I'm super pumped to introduce this brand new update to you guys that will change your clans experience forever! - Clan Raiding! This is going to be a pretty long post, so grab your popcorn and lets go!

What are Clan Raids?