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Hey Arcadians!

Today the Prison server is getting a cool new update that will allow you to bounty your worst enemies and win bounties by killing people! Be careful when entering the PvP Mine, because you could be a target by enemies who want you dead! Introducing the bounty hunter!​

What does the Bounty Hunter do?

When you right click the Bounties NPC (found at spawn), you'll get this GUI:


Once the GUI is open, you'll see player heads and an emerald. The emerald explains what the Bounty Hunter does, and how to bounty someone. When you do /bounty <player> <amount>, it will apply the bounty to your target player and add them to the list for everyone to see. So if you'd like someone dead, this is your chance!​

When someone...​
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Hey Arcadians!

This has been a post that many of you have been waiting for, the Clans: Remastered release! After days of extreme beta testing, the players and staff with Beta Testing Access Tickets have managed to find and fix over 200 bugs. We have been working on perfecting the gamemode to make it it's absolute best so we can finally release to the community!​

Through your wonderful journeys on this gamemode, you will unlock many new features and possibilities that were never possible before! We have made the gamemode a little more player vs. player (pvp) based, so as you will soon discover; there is now a little bit of everything!​

Not only that, but there is a little incentive to completely dominate your enemies: if you are one of the top three clans at the end of the 5 week period you can win over 200$ and even more value from in game items! I can’t wait for you to discover the world...​
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Hey Arcadians!

We're rolling over into August already, how time flies when you're having fun! I'm sure most of you have been relaxing and enjoying the holidays as the new year of school creeps ever closer. To mark the beginning of the new school year, we'll be releasing a Back to School themed Relic for August! Let's hop right in!​
August Relic - Back to School

The new relic will be available to purchase on SkyblockX, Skyblock OG, Prison, Clans and Factions from August 1st all the way until August 31st, so get it while it's hot!

Each relic is catered to each server, so the Clans relic will be a little bit different to the Prison relic.

Here's what you can look forward to on the different servers:​

(will be released after beta)...​