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Hey Arcadians!

First of all, I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend full of family time and chocolate! Secondly, yesterday the entries for the Easter Building Competition closed, so it's voting time! We have had a nice amount of submissions, so vote away on your favourite!​

Click on the following threads to see the submissions for each server:​

The winner receives $20 ArcCash and an Winner's Admin...
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Hey Arcadians!

After a long wait it's finally time to release Masks! Masks were originally supposed to be released with the new Skyblock season however we delayed it in order to provide the best gameplay experience for all of you. So enough talking, let's get right into it!

Our custom Masks will bring a new factor into normal Skyblock and PvP life, it could change your Skyblock strategies forever! Each Mask has it's own unique abilities that could help you with money making, day-to-day tasks around your island, or even aiding you in PvP.​
Crafting Masks
There will be 19 masks available to craft (26...
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Hey Arcadians!

As you know, Easter is just around the corner! We will be hosting a building competition that is Easter themed, and the best build for each server gets a prize! Egg-citing, right?!

Each build must be themed to this holiday; whether it's celebrating the traditional Easter holiday or it is filled with egg-stravagant decorations involving bunnies and Easter eggs - it's up to you! Any entries that aren't related to the theme will be disqualified - I'm not yolking!

You will have up until Sunday, April 16th to create a build on your plot or island, then record a video and upload it to YouTube. The video title must be ArcadianMC Easter Build - (Server and IGN).

You will then submit your video to one of these threads, depending on what server you're building it...​