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Hey Arcadians!

This is just a small update so I'll keep it short and sweet! I've personally created four "Focus Groups" - one for each server. These groups include a handful of normal players plus a staff member to keep them organised. The main purpose of these groups are to collect information from ideas that you guys come up with, discuss them and forward them for development and testing. (These players have already been notified).

This is where the rest of you guys come in! We want to hear from you. What updates do you want? What changes could be made to the server you play on? Don't like something that's currently in the game?- Let us know! Feel free to make some suggestions here:


Remember, we can't create an even better server for you guys without your input!

-ArcadianMC Staff Team
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Hey Arcadians!
Today we’re showing you an quick little update that is mostly chat related! These updates are being added to Prison, Sky Block and Sky Clans. Hate having to put loads of color codes to make your chat look fancy? Then look no further!

Introducing /color!
This command brings up a gui of different chat colors you can have as well as color combinations.


When you choose a color, your text in chat stays that color until you change it!
Hulk/Sensei ranks and above
have access to all the single colors.
Zeus and Supreme have access to "Diamond" and "Emerald" as well!

Normal colors on the server...
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Hey Arcadians!
Today I am bringing you a pretty cool update that we've been working on for a little while now; Clan Clashes! These Clan Events bring a whole new level to inter-clan competition, allowing you the chance to win a whole bunch of Clan Points if a member of your clan wins! There are also some updates to top tier ranks so keep on reading!

Clan Clashes
Clan Clash Events happen at random times, so keep an eye in chat to see when the next one will happen! The message will look like this:

Do /clan event to join the event lobby:


There are 3 different Clan Clash Events; Hot Potato, Last Man Standing & Fair Fight!

Hot Potato
Don't be holding the...