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Hey Arcadians!

We've decided to create a little competition for you guys and as the title says, it is indeed build related. Yep, that means you've got to build something! I'm sure you're all wondering how you could win that precious ArcCash so let's hop straight into the details.​
What Do I Build?

We all know that Factions is very highly PvP based; if you're raiding someone and they come to protect their base then you have to fight, if you want to dominate KoTH then you have to fight. Who doesn't love dominating at PvP?!

For this competition we'd like you to build a PvP tower, related to the OP Factions spawn theme. Those of you who need a little refresher of what the spawn looks like, take a look at this next spoiler, or of course take a look on the server yourself!​

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Hey Arcadians!

The Skyblock reset is today, so as promised we will be revealing to you all a couple more of our super cool updates that are taking effect after the reset! There has been so much positive feedback on the newest updates so far, what is the update you're most looking forward to? Let us know!​
Personal Islands

Let's start this post off with some brand new player islands! How can we miss out something that makes Skyblock, well, Skyblock! Your very own journey starts from choosing an island, after all.

We've got 4 brand new player islands for players to choose from. Which one will you choose to start off your Skyblock Season 4 adventure? Take a look!​

The Original
A simple,...
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Hey Arcadians!

It's that time again, 4 months has been and gone in a breeze and so another season of Skyblock is coming to an end and a brand new one is soon to begin! As with every reset, we introduce many new things to make your gameplay on Arcadian super fun and exciting! Let's get right into it!​
New Spawn and Warzone

A reset wouldn't be a reset if there wasn't a brand new spawn and warzone for you all to use! We've decided to stick to the theme of floating islands for Spawn and the warzone area, but as well as this, we've brought back something you long term players might remember... keep reading!​

A beautiful and cozy Japanese themed spawn!

You'll be able to find your much needed mob grinder...