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Hey Arcadians!

That's right, as the title reads, IMPENDING PRISON RESET! Get yourselves hyped for the first ever Prison Reset since it's launch on ArcadianMC! Keep on reading for some sneak peeks into some pretty hype updates coming to the Prison server!​
Spawn and Mines

With every reset comes a brand new spawn and now mines! The spawn is a larger area that you can explore with a strong prison feel to it!


The PvP Mine is now a whole lot bigger! Choose to fight within the four walls of the prison mine or venture outside...

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Hey Arcadians!

Recently we've been working very hard to improve the interaction with our community and we've noticed that there's a lack of our player base using our forums so we've opened pages on multiple social media platforms so we can offer interaction on your preferred platform!

We already have a Twitter account with over 950 followers, and at 1000 followers we are doing a massive ArcCash giveaway! Give us a follow to be in with a chance to win some ArcCash!

With our brand new Facebook page, we want to build a following and post daily! These daily posts will have pictures from the server such as player builds, cool islands, events, updates and much more! Give us a follow and you could find out information about updates before we post them live on the forums!
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Hey Arcadians!

It is finally the time to reveal the winners of the Easter Building Competition! There will be one winner for each of the servers, so a winner for Clans, SkyBlock, SkyBlockX and Prison!​


- Winner: TechnoJason

- Runner up: CrazyDemigodLife​

- Winner: Envious_Panda7 & Goat_Pig940

- Runner up: MidnightV2​

- Winner: Reacher013

- Runner up: none​

- Winner: Jade_0600

- Runner up: AshW​

The winner receives $20 ArcCash and an Winner's Admin Item!
The runner up receives $10...