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Hey Arcadians!

Another week, another 3 raffle winners! If you don't know how to enter the raffle then let me quickly explain.​

Every time you watch an advertisement (you can get a link to this in game) you will be entered into a raffle where you can win $15 for the server store! The more you watch the adverts, the more times you'll be entered into the raffle.​

Lets pick the winners!​

*drum roll*​

Congrats to DeathOfVoid, OneTrueLazlo and 35ms for winning the $15 vouchers this week! Can you 3 message me please!

Remember to watch the...
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Additional Community Management

Hello there Arcadians! I’d like to officially introduce myself, my name is Jay, but most people know me as "Junnk". Some of you may already know me as I’ve been working in management and community management positions on larger networks for close to two year’s now.

Now I’m going to introduce myself to you as another Community manager for ArcadianMC, please don’t mistake me by any means, I’m not replacing Rachellaa, we will both be working as Community managers alongside each other to ensure that you guys, the players, get the best playing experience. If you would like to know more about me and what I’ll be doing here, I will provide a link to my introduction post. <Link>

Firstly, I’m going to let you know my aim/goals as a Community Manager. For those who don't know what a Community manager does, a Community manager's...
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Hey Arcadians!

As you all may have seen, @Niknea posted a thread about the future of SkyClans here where he asked you guys whether you wanted a merge to the two SkyClans servers, and if you wanted to keep everything like it was before or not. You, the players responded and the most popular vote was Option #3 (Reset & Merge with new features).

It was also decided that players with top rank on both SkyClans servers (Reaper on Blossom and Supreme on OG) would get an exclusive rank on Clans 3.0 that you will not be able to purchase from the server store.

Lets hop straight into some of the new changes coming to SkyClans 3.0!