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Hey Arcadians!

The hype for OP Factions has been insane, on launch we hit over 250 players on the server as well as over 700 players on the network! With your help and your useful feedback, together we've created an awesome server that you all seem to enjoy! Today we'll be releasing some pretty awesome things for you OP Factions players out there; King of the Hill and 2 brand new Crates!​
King of the Hill

Introducing KoTH! This highly competitive King of The Hill event will show you who your friends and who your enemies are...

KoTH events will begin randomly throughout the day and this will be shown in chat when one begins:

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Hello Arcadians!

It is finally the time to reveal the winners our two most recent competitions! The Summer Build competition and the Admin Avatar competition!

Summer Build Competition

The Summer Build competition has finally ended, and we've picked our winners! We had some fantastic and very creative builds entered in, so well done everyone and we appreciate you participating! You can't have a competition without any participants..

Anyway! Here are our top three!

1st Place:
Username: @chasers101 (@xHope_ )
Server: SkyblockX
Warp: /is warp chasers101

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Hey Arcadians!

You read the title correctly! After hearing your suggestions and ideas for wanting Factions, we're releasing this brand new server very soon, but it has a twist! It's OP!​
Spawn and the Wilderness

Spawn is a large open area, a vast courtyard filled with a shop for all your factions needs! Simply run through the archways to the north, east, south and west to enter the warzone. Spawn will be fulled with anvils and enchantment tables.​


When you exit through the archways, you will then reach a barrier where you will have to jump down into the warzone. You'll then be able to PvP other players in this area, but after 100 blocks,...​