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Hey Arcadians!

Yes you read that title correctly, the SkyblockX server will be resetting very soon! Along with a reset comes hype reset parties all throughout the week involving key all events and giveaways! But! Most importantly with a reset comes new updates, so let's get right into it!​
New Spawn and Warzone

You guys loved how Spawn was level with the Warzone so you could walk back and forth between the two, so we've kept it like this for the new map! It is a very large warzone filled with trees and dark areas as well as large open ground! This is perfect for those epic chases in PvP or for locating the much needed Sky Drops, but be careful when you venture out into the wild, as you could get lost! Take a look!

The large, lush warzone filled with trees!...
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Hey Arcadians!

Today we're introducing something that will change the game entirely! Sick and tired of having your PVs full to the brim of old and useless armor? SkyBlockX and Clans players - do you have way too many useless Enchantment Books that no one wants to buy? Then look no further! Welcome, Tinkerer!​

To find the Tinkerer, you must go to Spawn. You can trade your old, unused armor and your bad Enchantment Books in for XP bottles and Secret Dust!​
Tinkering Armor

When you trade in armor, you get back XP bottles. The amount of XP you receive back is related to a few things:​

- Quality of Armour
You will receive more XP from diamond armor compared to gold armor, which will be less. Vanilla enchantments do not count on the armor...​
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Hey Arcadians!

That's right, we're bringing back Relics! SkyBlock players will now be able to purchase the May Relic from the server store! This May Relic will contain limited edition items that you cannot get anywhere else, and it's only available throughout the month of May! This month's relic will be Mother's Day themed!​

Here's what you can look forward to!​

Check out the cool animation!

Admin Items

Box of Chocolates
A delicious box of chocolates perfect for your Mom!

Bouquet of Flowers
A beautiful bouquet of...