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Hey Arcadians!

As you can probably tell by the title, it’s time for another reset!

As you all know the prison reset has been in process for some time now, we highly apologize for the inconvenience and the long duration and false promises given by members for the prison reset date. Prison has been long expected as a server to be reset, so we’re happy to finally announce that it is coming and it's coming on the 13th of April! With this new season of Prison, we have a lot to showcase! Be sure to read through the entire announcement to see what you can be expecting for the next season and something extra that you may want to see.

» Click here to watch the official trailer for ArcadianMC's Prison Season 5
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Hey there fellow Arcadians!

Along with the Prison reset, the ArcadianMC Staff Team are more than happy to announce that ArcCash will be re-enabled very soon! Without further ado, what will be in store with the new system of ArcCash?

What's new?

The staff team wanted to provide the players an easy way of being able to get their luxury items ingame while keeping the system that was currently in place. To fulfill this, we are glad to announce a new way to spend your currency - the ArcCash shop! This new exclusive shop will only be available ingame and the only currency that works in this shop is ArcCash. This shop will have some of the store items that should be familiar, such as blackmarket items, chat colors, the bottom two ranks of each server, and extras!

So that's great, but how do you access this shop and how much does it cost to get the items? To access...
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Hey Arcadians!

As many of you have noticed, we have a few new surprises at spawn. Valentine's Day is approaching very soon, and players can now receive special rewards every day from the Cupid NPC, on SkyBlock and Prison, all the way up to Valentine's Day! More on this below along with the new Monthly Crate!

Valentine's Day Calendar!

In this special new calendar, you can receive rewards each day, including some fresh and unique emotes! This Valentine's Day Calendar will be accessible by right clicking the Cupid NPC in spawn on Skyblock and Prisons - open it up and check out all the goodies inside!