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Hey Arcadians!

We often ask you, the players, for ideas and suggestions on how to make your game play better and more exciting for everyone. This update allows you to use your unwanted books and armor items and turn them into something useful on the Prison server! Introducing the Commissary!

As well as this, there have been a few small updates to the Wilderness Bosses and KoTH for SkyblockX that will be shown in this announcement.​
What is the Commissary?

You can access the Commissary by visiting them at /spawn!​


When you right-click the Commissary, you can trade in armor or tool items that you don't need anymore or aren't good enough to PvP in, and receive back XP depending on the quality of the...​
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Hey Arcadians!

We have 3 updates today for the Skyblock OG, Prison and SkyblockX servers! Each update being different, but super cool! Keep on reading to find out more about a new crate key, updates to Prison mines as well as an event, and Gambling!
SkyBlock OG Crate Key

Introducing the new Thunder Crate key, coming exclusively to Skyblock OG!

A powerful crate forged only by the power of lightning itself under the most extreme conditions. Only the best warriors will be able to crack it open.

This key is even better than the Cloudy Crate key and can be bought from the server store. You'll be able to use your key at spawn.​


Simply right click the crate at spawn and it...​
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Hey Arcadians!

Today we're introducing a few updates to Prison's Arms Dealer and some changes to the custom enchantments currently on that server, as well as now allowing chat colors to be purchased for the KitPvP server!​
Arms Dealer

You can now get a wider range of items from the Arms Dealer at the Prison PvP Mine including the addition of Very Bloody Tickets!

Very Bloody Tickets tickets work the same way as normal Bloody Tickets do except that they use Slime Blocks instead of Sponges. To get a Very Bloody Ticket, get 50 Slime Blocks and trade them with the Arms Dealer to get back a ticket, which you can spend to earn cool rewards! You can also get Slime Blocks from mining in the PVP Mine!​