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Hey Arcadians!

Today is the big day, soon the SkyblockX server will be live for all of you Arcadians to enjoy! We've got a whole bunch of updates to introduce to you before it opens and you begin playing, so lets hop right in!​
New Crates

As SkyblockX resets, we will be releasing two new crates with an additional crate being added soon! We've revamped the Vote Crate, which you can get keys for when you vote for ArcadianMC via /vote!​

Vote Crate Prizes:​

Up to $10,000 in game money
Up to 5,000 EXP levels
$0.10 ArcCash
Golden and God Apples
Chicken Spawner
Pig Spawner
Sheep Spawner
Voter Title
Recruit Kit
Novice Kit
Vanilla Enchantment books
Random Simple Enchantment book
Random Unusual Enchantment book
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Hey Arcadians!

You read the title just right! Very soon, you'll see the end of SkyblockX Season 2 and will be introduced to Season 3 - full of awesome new updates, a stunning spawn and warzone and so much more! Let's take a look at what there is to come!​
What's a Reset?

A reset happens when a server has been up for over 3 months or so, it is taken down, changed and improved with lots of awesome new features added to it so make the game more exciting for you all! This then allows you players to have a new start and new players can begin to play without any significant disadvantage.​

What You Keep

Ranks. Every player that has a rank on SkyblockX gets to keep that rank. We do not...​
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Hey Arcadians!

As this season of Skyblock progresses, so do the crates! We like to keep these crates up to date with the latest and greatest bits of gear and items for all of you Skyblock players to enjoy! Keep on reading and you'll find we've removed some items and added some cool new ones, take a look!​
Aurora Kit

The latest armor and weapon pieces we've added to the Plutonium Crate are part of the full Aurora Kit. Each piece of the kit is Protection 6, Unbreaking 5 and gives unique effects that will be useful in PvP!​

Aurora Helmet

The Aurora helmet removes strength potion effects from enemy players within a 10 block radius around you. This ability has a cooldown of 30 seconds, so after you remove strength from one player, you won't be able to remove strength...​