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Hey Arcadians!

We are just dishing the updates this week! Speaking of updates, who's enjoying the new and improved crates? Let us know! Today we'll be introducing 2 new things that would help greatly in PvP and Island grinding as well as announcing the winner of the Plutonium key from our last announcement's giveaway! Let's hop in!​
Revolutionary Items

Are you the ultimate grinder ? Do you spend all day, every day building up those island levels and making bank? If so, then these next items are the tools for you!​

Revolutionary Fortune Pickaxe

This pickaxe is best suited for those hardcore cobble generator grinders. You can rank up great amounts of ores super quickly, perfect for increasing your island level or just simply making money!


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Hey Arcadians!

Today you Skyblock players will be getting a new little update that you'll definitely be excited for! To start off the week, we'll be showcasing our revamped crates as well as introducing a brand new one: Phoenix+! As well as this, we'll be adding Pouches so let's hop into it!​
Why the Revamp?

We know that Skyblock players love, love, love taking their chances with the crates so we've decided to give you a better chance at winning something awesome! This includes buffing the Plutonium crate and adding a brand new crate, hype right?!

Phoenix+ Crate

This brand new crate is the fabulous new addition to...​
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Hey Arcadians!

The OP Factions reset is creeping ever closer, so it is time to reveal some more updates! Keep on reading if you want to find out about the new reworked crates, unique spawner drops and more!
Reworked Crates

As you know, we previously had 4 crates; Vote, Athena, Ares and Apollo crates on the OP Factions server. We've recently been discussing with some factions players about what sort of things they want to see in the crates and what they want removed or changed. As a result of this, we'll be removing the Athena crate and reworking the Ares and Apollo crates.

Ares Crate

This crate will be released right when the new season of OP Factions begins and will be our second crate (after Vote Crate). We've removed some of the old things that you didn't like such as the nom kit and replaced it...​